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Here is a unique antenna concept that does it all from indoors. Worlds first designer whip for indoor use.Futuristic saucer space age design only American innovation can deliver!.Designed for all apartment/condo or home owners who do not have the option of installing an outdoor antenna. Just added ,New improved coil design for added performance.

This is a multi application antenna that connects to AM-FM Home theater & classic stereo receivers, All vintage tube type radios and communications receivers. standard and portable Shortwave radios.HD radio tuners and receivers.Low to high end table top clock radios.Yes finally a high performance antenna for your expensive clock radio.

Our DXR 500 takes up little space and has great style combined with top performance.Non amplified design will last indefinitly.

Flexible receiving options.Omni-directional for all AM-FM and HD radio signals.Receives stations from 360 Degrees. For local and distant weak FM stations rod may be lowered"tuned" for best signal and lower noise.

Antenna is also can be made directional: 

AM and FM,rod may be angled and aimed for pin point maximum signal in all directions.Antenna has tested to receive FM stations 50+ miles at over 1/2 signal strength.For shortwave and distant AM,antenna is used at full length.Antenna has the ability to capture signals that were missing before.Having trouble with that local college Jazz?, Classical FM station?.Here is an antenna that gives you the advantage buy adjusting and tuning.Once set, your ready to enjoy your news and music station. The all new Godar DXR-500 is an excellent compliment to your stereo receiver. tuner or clock radio.

Excellent choice for vintage classic pre 50s tube radios,communications receivers.Also pre 1930 radios that required a 100ft wire for an antenna.Collectors like the compact portability of this antenna. They can easly move the antenna from radio to radio for testing or listening enjoyment.Excellent performance on all modern shortwave and communications receivers as well.Portable SW receiver's will experience triple signal gain over the radio's built in antenna rod.

DXR-500 pulls in local and distant stations on AM and SW.Lites up old floor and table model radio's delivering a strong signal.Universal single wire adaptor connects to all radios with terminal clip style.On pre 1930 radio's,one may  splice to the antenna wire lead.Excellent for all vintage tube to modern shortwave communications receivers where outdoor antennas are not an option.

High-end clock radio owners will love this antenna.Have a favorite bedside clock radio that has poor reception?Add the DXR 500 and see the difference in your FM reception.Antenna corrects station drift, lowers noise levels,and adds stronger signal from local low powered FM stations.

Check out DXR 500's big brother, the FM DXR 1000 outdoor antenna whip.



1,DXR-500 is a 1/2 wave single 5 section telescoping rod indoor whip antenna with free air solid copper coil.

2,Passive class, non electrical, non amplified antenna for indoor use only.

3,Broadband whip receives AM,FM stereo,HD radio, including VHF/UHF/Long-wave including all the major meter bands on Shortwave & SSB Ham communications.

4,Omni directional on all Frequencies.Receive's stations from 360 Degrees.Directional,antenna rod may be angled for top signal gain on weak AM or FM station's. For SW, rod remains at full length.

5,Saucer base measures 5/1/2" in diameter. 1/2" in height.Antenna rod measures closed 9" fully extended 34"

6,Balanced 3ft connect wire & common F coax connector. Universal straight hard wire coax adaptor for connection to all antenna terminals.(fits all screw,vintage to modern push style antenna terminals.Optional F to Pal adapters and others may be added.Extension cables may be added.

Godar also has a universal European antenna terminal adapter (R-8) for all tube type Grundig,Saba,Normandy shortwave portable and console SW radios.

Patent's Pending.. Antenna holds current US and International Patents with others pending