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       HIGH PERFORMANCE             
                    VHF/UHF DIGITAL HDTV
   Model one is the most technically advanced indoor TV antenna in the world.  First rabbit ear to incorporate a 14 element log periodic antenna in the base.Design delivers stable digital signals in most indoor reception environments.  Also eliminates picture freeze and pixel breakups.
Adds new channels that may have been missed before.
Top performance, plus clean line design that fits in all room decor.  Here is an antenna your wife will love.  There are no ugly radar dish or metal loop so common on standard antennas.  Model 1's slim design affords easy placement just about anywhere.
Model 1 is classed as passive and is *non amplified.  Receives all HD signals with top signal gain.  Just think, no electronics to malfunction or ware out.  We have also eliminated the common selector switch that only varied the signal and was of no benefit.  Only adjustments are the rods and cabinet position.

*Amplified antennas are NOT recommended in local city areas.  They can overload, block television signals causing interference distortions and pixel breakup in HD pictures.  In many cases amplified antennas will block out digital broadcast signals all together.

Another high quality made in USA antenna product by Godar


1.  Worlds first rabbit ear to incorporate a 14 spread element log periodic antenna inside the base.log element's are inside the cabinet out of sight.  Receives analog/digital/ VHF/UHF/FM, HDTV and HD radio.

2.  Model 1 unique log periodic design offers stable off air high definition reception on both VHF and UHF.  Also, eliminates intermittent pixel break up in HD pictures.   Reduces ghost images and less adjusting on standard analog VHF and UHF channels.  Excellent choice for your high end projection set, flat panel plasma, LCD,DLP, and LED High definition TV's.  In addition all standard digital and high definition converter boxes.

3.  Log periodic antenna HD-UHF.  Plus twin 39.5 inch rods for low band HD VHF and stable HDTV/radio reception. 

4.  Antenna is classed as passive non amplified requires no electricity for operation.

5.  Mounted on rear of antenna cabinet is a 75 ohm coax F female jack.  Standard 6ft detachable RG59 coax cable included.  This antenna can be used in attic installations.

6.  Cabinet measures 17"x 9.5 x 1" height.  Made of indestructible shatter resistant ABS high gloss black plastic textured material(USA).



    Model 1 Retails
for $64.95
            MADE IN USA