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FM DXR-1000
Godar's latest generation(2014) FM-DXR-1000 multi-band outdoor antenna.Most innovative technically advanced superior whip antenna on the planet!.World's first AM/FM/SW telescoping"tunable"whip!.
Largest broadband receiving whip antenna in the industry extends to 69"/175 CM's.
Designed for all reception environments including severe multi-path and fringe areas.
 Antenna maybe adjusted/tuned in on any given weak FM frequency.This provides maximum signal gain at lower noise.
 With current "fixed rod" omni-directional FM thin rod whips,you are stuck with one set signal gain on all frequency's.This can be a signal or noise problem on any desired station.With the FM DXR-1000,you can tune in or tweak that difficult signal up to 100% signal gain.Also tune out un wanted background noise.
Please Note: Generally most people purchase a better FM antenna so they can receive (1) one favorite FM station that is giving them problems.Once the DXR is tuned to that particular station they are set. All other local FM stations will fall in at top signal strength.Antenna requires no additional adjusting.
In one of our early tests,we selected (KCBX 103.1 FM) that is located 50 miles from our location in Florence Arizona.With standard fixed whips we received 80% signal strength.With the DXR 1000,we received the same 80% signal with rod fully extended.
lowered the rod 5 inches from the extended length of 69" and received signal gain at 100%.
The tunable advantage over "FIXED" whip antennas.This works on all FM frequencies.
For multi-path areas,you can lower the rod and tune out noise plus receive a much cleaner signal.
This super whip can be tuned to all weak local college stations,religious,and commercial FM stations.In most cases doubling to tripling the desired signal.
Antenna eliminates station drift on all quartz lock receivers and tuners.
Excellent for fringe area high definition radio reception.Once you tune this antenna to your desired problem station,you are set.Antenna will still receive all your other local stations at full signal strength.Other weak FM stations will have increased signal gain across the board.
You can now compliment that high end tuner and hear what the designers originally intended.
Designed for all weather conditions.New and improved recessed rod support for superior strength against high winds.

This antenna will exceed all your expectations when it comes to long distant AM reception.Original testing data with a variety of radios and stereo receivers shows this antenna will receive AM stations 1000- 1500 + miles away( later afternoon & evening periods).
Radios like the GE super radio models 1,2, and 3 pulled in stations over 1000+ miles away.Antenna needs NO tuning for AM or SW and is set at full length.
Antique radio owners will see there AM/SW performance soar on all vintage tube models going back to the early 1920s.Connect the DXR to one of these  fine radios and receive stations you never heard before.
AM sections on these radios were designed for distant reception back when stations were scarce.Just think what your radio will do when you have the DXR antenna connected,your radio will deliver more stations from far distant places.Typical reception 1000-1500 miles + from most radios including common super het 5 tube table models.
This space saving antenna pulls in all SW/meter band's including VHF Aircraft,police,Ham(including AM & single side band).Marine, & long-wave Frequency.Antenna delivers strong SW signals over the bands, and will pull in even the weakest stations from the far corners of the globe.
 Tested on many classic post WW-2 tube type console,portable shortwave & Communications receivers to the latest transistor/IC models. Our DXR 1000 set in free space is 1000 times more effective over all indoor antenna's. Delivers outstanding reception on all frequencies and yet takes up little space when compared to a 100ft long wire antenna.Ideal where space is limited.Our DXR 1000 has tested to pull SW from indoors/attic's as well.Connect this antenna to your SW receiver and watch the signal gain meter go to far right side.
Tip:Receiver grounding.You will add much more signal gain on SW and AM by adding a ground wire to your antique radio receiver to earth ground.
Electrical out-lit "center wall" plate screw is ideal for quick ground connection. Use a metal wire eye-lit connector for good connection.
Another option: Sink a 2+ foot metal pipe into the ground and attach the ground wire.

1,Model FM-DXR-1000 is a 1/2 wave omni directional telescoping/tunable broadband copper coil whip antenna.Receives/VHF/UHF/ AM/FM/High definition FM radio & shortwave.Antenna covers local to fringe city areas. Covers local weak low powered FM stations anywhere.Rod is adjustable to correct just about any problem station in any reception environment.Godar highly recommends installing this antenna outdoors for best signal gain.Performance increases with higher location's.Once tuned to your Favorite FM station you are set.This does not effect other local FM or AM stations.
 Antenna may be installed in an attic or room area as a second option.
2,Rod diameter is 3/8s at base.Rod length closed at 12"/ fully extended to 69"
3,Coil housing stands at 1 & 3/4s" top center point of dome.Dim@ 2" 4.Typical gain at 1.0 + DB due to larger diameter rod.This equates to better VSWR and lower background noise. 
4,Easy home Install.Antenna mounts with our custom made metal L bracket & 4 screws.
5,This antenna works best in up right vertical positions.      
7,Standard FM DXR 1000 Antenna package includes,25 FT RG6U low line loss coaxial cable.Universal single wire adapter connects to all screw and push antenna terminals.Tuners with F coax connector,you go cable direct.
Instruction,spec and warranty paper included.
9, European antenna terminal adapters exclusive from Godar.We have a universal antenna terminal adapter for all tube type Grundig,Saba,Normandy and other European radios that allows coax cable connection to these radios.
 Looking for the Ultimate in car stereo antennas?. Checkout the  FM-DXR 1000s twin... The FM-DXR-1000(C) here on the site.

Retail Price $99.95
                               Made in USA quality                                                   Patent's Pending    

Model DXR-1000 mounted on a patio over hang
Rod was fully extended so we had to cut off the top for this close-up